As a final project for INTE 5680: Producing Media for Learning, I designed an instructional website for people who are interested in participating in their first sprint triathlon.

I documented my own progress, as I was training for my first sprint triathlon, which I competed in on July 30th, 2017. While training, I noticed three main areas of lifestyle focus, that needed to be addressed: Fitness, Motivation, and Nutrition.


  • Links to resources: where you can choose your race, triathlon-specific training, my own Pinterest page on the subject, local resources, and equipment.
  • I wrote 7 blogs on the fitness topic: building my training calendar, 25 days till race day, bricking your workouts, whole event, improving your run, dynamic warmup, and static stretches.
  • Videos: I created 2 triathlon-specific videos: a “Dynamic Warmup” video for getting ready for workouts, and a “Static Stretches” video for after the workout.


  • Links to resources: motivational sites, books and articles, and my own Pinterest page on the subject.
  • I wrote 5 blogs on the motivation topic: the importance of goals, when you’re dreading your workout, sticking to your training calendar, a Spotify playlist, and an app review.


  • Links to resources: snacks, supplements, recipe sites, books, websites on nutrition, and where to buy supplements.
  • I wrote 11 blogs on the nutrition topic, all of which were themed on a green smoothie cleanse that I tried out.
  • Videos: I created a “How to make a green smoothie” video

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