Christina Moore Meals: Instructional Website

An instructional recipe website featuring photography by Christina Moore.


Managing Museum Collections

This is a course that I designed in Lectora, with the collaboration of a DOI Museum SME, for the…


Graphic Design Production Basics

An eLearning Course to help ease the graphic design production workflow.

clip art of closed caption logo and tv with captions

Captioning Videos for Learning

A motivational video for teachers on how they can better support the hearing impaired community.

Screen shot of facebook page, full life with hearing loss

Networked Learning Space: Full Life with Hearing Loss

A public Facebook group that focuses on resources for people with hearing loss.

screenshot of introduction after

Redesign: National Park Service Principles, an Online Course

Recently, I was tasked with redesigning the graphic user interface (GUI) for 6 online course modules for…


Redesign: Handling Museum Artifacts, an Online Course for DOIU

Project Overview The Department of the Interior University (DOIU) has developed hundreds of online…


My First Sprint Triathlon: Instructional Website

An instructional website for people wanting to participate in their first sprint triathlon.


How to Make Your eLearning Course Accessible

An infographic for eLearning Developers on how to make their courses accessible.