Today I was driving home from a lovely brunch, and one of my neighbors was in front of me. At first, the I plate’s meaning didn’t register with me. I was engrossed in a This American Life episode, but then it went off like a lightbulb. Here I am, in my 40s, and feeling it, but not appreciating it. This week I’m having my birthday, and while I’m looking forward to a nice dinner with my friends, I have been subconsciously brooding about being a year older.

I decided to take a chance, and follow my neighbor home. I waited in his driveway, and said, “knock knock.” He responded with, “who’s there?” I knew for sure at that point that he was a kindred spirit. I told him that I was his neighbor, and where, and that I would love to take a photo of his plate. I told him that I am turning 43 this week. He (George) said, “Well, you know why I got that plate? Cause I am 88! I’m glad you liked it, and figured it out.”

I think I am starting to figure things out. Thanks George.

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