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A Tale of Two Courses

It Was the Best of Instruction; It Was the Worst of Instruction


While sometimes dreaded by instructors, course evaluations are important for a number of reasons: materials become outdated, new organizational objectives are created, historical organizational objectives are updated, and student/organization needs change. Ideally, evaluations would occur at least yearly for each course and instructor, or as needed when major changes occur in an organization.

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I recently deleted Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram from my phone. I still have the accounts, I just won’t be posting to them from my phone, or surfing them as often. I’ve got my blog and portfolio set up to automatically post to my business Facebook page, and to tweet. This election cycle has been brutal. I was finding myself spending a significant amount of time watching people bicker on Facebook and Twitter, and I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

After watching this video for class:, I removed the tags of my kids on FB. When they were here this summer, they commented that, “I always post the most embarrassing photos of them.” I had already removed the offending images, but I went ahead and removed all the tags as well. I figure if they want to be tagged in something, then they can add the tag themselves.

Another step I took was to clean up old photos on my business page of Facebook. There were a few old random events that I had photographed, and left all the best photos. I chose to clean those up, keeping only the best of the best. I plan to go through my photos yearly moving forward.

Care to share your thoughts on privacy and tagging? I welcome the discussion.

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There is a new, amazing pepper spray product coming soon, that I first noticed on my Facebook feed:

Here is why I find it so amazing:

  •  24/7 monitoring with GPS. It lets the police know exactly where you are when you spray it
  • It connects to your smartphone, and has a camera in it. It takes a photo of the assailant as you spray, and sends that photo to the authorities
  • It has a siren to get you the attention you need in an emergency
  • AND it’s the highest concentration of pepper spray allowed.

What are your thoughts? Does this seem like something you, or someone you love could really use? I am amazed at how many tools they have combined into this one product design.

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