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A couple of years ago, when I was feeling low, I kept a gratitude journal for a few months. It was a really neat experience, and I suggest it to all. I also, for years, have kept a gratitude jar in the kitchen. When something lovely happens during the year, I write it on a note and put it in the jar. We read them out loud, and then tape them into a book as a New Year’s Eve tradition. Although most of the notes are my own, it helps remind our family of all the good things that have happened in the previous year.

I have many things that I’m thankful for. One especially is that my good friend Brita has survived her battle with cancer.

I used my iPhone for the videos, an app called Videoshop to compile it all, and the song is called The Wonder, by Dave Depper on



This is my poem about loving Colorado storms, but missing the ocean.

Deep blue poem pdf download

Photography, audio, poem and mixing by Christina Moore. 2 soundtracks used for the background:

Thunderstorm: Patty Jewet, Colorado Springs, CO, USA – Front Range Thunderstorm by Sylvia Shale, Published June 10, 2016, Usage Attribution 3.0,

Ocean: Lagos, beach, Atlantic ocean, by Frank Schulte, Published December 1, 2009, Usage Attribution-Share Alike 3.0,

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I’ve been working on a term project on how to hit the reset button on your career, and start over fresh. I have collected a bunch of quotes, that I’ve found inspirational over the years, and applied them to some of my photography. Feel free to download them, and use them in your own materials, if they resonate with you. -Cheers!

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Many people struggle with setting their white balance to be accurate in their photography. Using a black, white and gray card is a super quick, easy and inexpensive way of making sure your colors turn out accurately. This is a no brainer, for anyone who uses Photoshop, and shoots professional photography.

Here is a link to show you the process:

Here is a link to an inexpensive black, white and gray card for purchase:

As a general summary: Shoot the cards in the scene with your subject, then shoot without the cards as you normally would. When you are in Photoshop, add a levels adjustment layer, set the black white and gray eyedroppers to those colored cards in your photo. Voila!

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