In my Teaching Strategies for Online Blended Learning (TSOBL) course, Spring 2017, I was teamed up with a couple of talented Middle School teachers (Stephanie Flynn, and Mary Jose) for a creative term project. Our assigned theme was to either create an educational escape room, or a zombie-themed lesson. We chose to marry the two with a zombie-inspired escape room, that allows the math students to apply their learning. We used a google site to host the escape room, so that students would be able to access it from their respective classrooms. After “brainstorming” how to apply math lessons in a zombie apocalypse scenario, I went to work on getting the visuals squared away.

The final product can be viewed/used here: Brain Eaters vs. Brain Beaters.

Below you will see some of the visual elements I contributed to our project.

  • Propped, staged and photographed the room and it’s artifacts
  • Created a “scary” running away video, which Stephanie added scary music to
  • Designed a badge system for rewards
  • Created an animated gif, to appear when a student fails
  • Designed and photographed the header image
  • Took a 360 photo of the room, and individual shots of the clues



3 Responses to “Zombie-themed Escape Room Math Lesson for 8th Graders”

  1. Bayard Lyons

    This is great. I was looking for something like this for my eighth graders. I tried it out and it was a lot of fun. However, I could not figure out the clue about the color. Would love to know the answer.


      • Monica Roland

        Was looking for something fun for students to work on during an enrichment camp and came across this activity… Tried it out and found it to be fun yet challenging. I’m still working on some of the clues – Do you mind sharing the key/walkthru with me?


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