In my Teaching Strategies for Online Blended Learning (TSOBL) course, Spring 2017, I was teamed up with a couple of talented Middle School teachers (Stephanie Flynn, and Mary Jose) for a creative term project. Our assigned theme was to either create an educational escape room, or a zombie-themed lesson. We chose to marry the two with a zombie-inspired escape room, that allows the math students to apply their learning. We used a google site to host the escape room, so that students would be able to access it from their respective classrooms. After “brainstorming” how to apply math lessons in a zombie apocalypse scenario, I went to work on getting the visuals squared away.

The final product can be viewed/used here: Brain Eaters vs. Brain Beaters.

Below you will see some of the visual elements I contributed to our project.

  • Propped, staged and photographed the room and it’s artifacts
  • Created a “scary” running away video, which Stephanie added scary music to
  • Designed a badge system for rewards
  • Created an animated gif, to appear when a student fails
  • Designed and photographed the header image
  • Took a 360 photo of the room, and individual shots of the clues



2 Responses to “Zombie-themed Escape Room Math Lesson for 8th Graders”

  1. Bayard Lyons

    This is great. I was looking for something like this for my eighth graders. I tried it out and it was a lot of fun. However, I could not figure out the clue about the color. Would love to know the answer.



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