Recently, I was tasked with redesigning the graphic user interface (GUI) for 6 online course modules for the National Park Service (NPS). The redesign has improved functionality, usability, navigation, accuracy, and compliance. I learned a lot about Lectora during this project (Lectora is the software that is used here, at DOIU, to build online courses). It’s so much fun to be at a place where I can learn something new every day. I’m grateful for the team that I am working with here.

I redesigned the following:

  • Color scheme, type styles, guides and layout
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Course intro and exit
  • Infographics, tables and photo treatments

Please see below for before and after screenshots.

screenshot of introduction after

Redesign of Introductory page for one of the modules.

screenshot of before introduction

Before Introductory Page

screenshot of a quiz page redesigned

Redesign of a quiz page.

screenshot of non-compliant quiz before

Previous quiz was not 508 compliant, therefore not accessible to non-sighted users.

screenshot of a quiz with a badge element

Redesign of a badge-based quiz.

screenshot of quiz with errors

Previous layout was difficult to read, and filled with errors.

screenshot of an interactive page where you can ask an expert

Redesign of Ask an Expert page

screenshot of previous ask an expert page

Previous design was confusing and cluttered.