Self Defense and Technology

There is a new, amazing pepper spray product coming soon, that I first noticed on my Facebook feed:

Here is why I find it so amazing:

  •  24/7 monitoring with GPS. It lets the police know exactly where you are when you spray it
  • It connects to your smartphone, and has a camera in it. It takes a photo of the assailant as you spray, and sends that photo to the authorities
  • It has a siren to get you the attention you need in an emergency
  • AND it’s the highest concentration of pepper spray allowed.

What are your thoughts? Does this seem like something you, or someone you love could really use? I am amazed at how many tools they have combined into this one product design.

  1. I love this idea! As one who doesn’t feel comfortable with conceal and carry weapons, I think this is a great alternative. And I like all the tech bells and whistles, they’re nice deterrents.


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